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php-htmldiff is a library for comparing two HTML files/snippets and highlighting the differences using simple HTML.
This HTML Diff implementation was forked from [rashid2538/php-htmldiff][upstream] and has been modified with new features,
bug fixes, and enhancements to the original code.
For more information on these modifications, read the [differences from rashid2538/php-htmldiff][differences] or view the [CHANGELOG][changelog].
## Installation
The recommended way to install php-htmldiff is through [Composer][composer].
Require the [caxy/php-htmldiff][badge_packagist] package by running following command:
composer require caxy/php-htmldiff
This will resolve the latest stable version.
Otherwise, install the library and setup the autoloader yourself.
### Working with Symfony
If you are using Symfony, you can use the [caxy/HtmlDiffBundle][htmldiffbundle] to make life easy!
## Usage
use Caxy\HtmlDiff\HtmlDiff;
$htmlDiff = new HtmlDiff($oldHtml, $newHtml);
$content = $htmlDiff->build();
## Configuration
The configuration for HtmlDiff is contained in the `Caxy\HtmlDiff\HtmlDiffConfig` class.
There are two ways to set the configuration:
1. [Configure an Existing HtmlDiff Object](#configure-an-existing-htmldiff-object)
2. [Create and Use a HtmlDiffConfig Object](#create-and-use-a-htmldiffconfig-object)
#### Configure an Existing HtmlDiff Object
When a new `HtmlDiff` object is created, it creates a `HtmlDiffConfig` object with the default configuration.
You can change the configuration using setters on the object:
use Caxy\HtmlDiff\HtmlDiff;
// ...
$htmlDiff = new HtmlDiff($oldHtml, $newHtml);
// Set some of the configuration options.
// Calculate the differences using the configuration and get the html diff.
$content = $htmlDiff->build();
// ...
#### Create and Use a HtmlDiffConfig Object
You can also set the configuration by creating an instance of
`Caxy\HtmlDiff\HtmlDiffConfig` and using it when creating a new `HtmlDiff`
object using `HtmlDiff::create`.
This is useful when creating more than one instance of `HtmlDiff`:
use Caxy\HtmlDiff\HtmlDiff;
use Caxy\HtmlDiff\HtmlDiffConfig;
// ...
$config = new HtmlDiffConfig();
// Create an HtmlDiff object with the custom configuration.
$firstHtmlDiff = HtmlDiff::create($oldHtml, $newHtml, $config);
$firstContent = $firstHtmlDiff->build();
$secondHtmlDiff = HtmlDiff::create($oldHtml2, $newHtml2, $config);
$secondContent = $secondHtmlDiff->build();
// ...
#### Full Configuration with Defaults:
$config = new HtmlDiffConfig();
// Percentage required for list items to be considered a match.
// Set the encoding of the text to be diffed.
// If true, a space will be added between the <del> and <ins> tags of text that was replaced.
// Option to disable the new Table Diffing feature and treat tables as regular text.
// Pass an instance of \Doctrine\Common\Cache\Cache to cache the calculated diffs.
// Set the cache directory that HTMLPurifier should use.
// Group consecutive deletions and insertions instead of showing a deletion and insertion for each word individually.
// List of characters to consider part of a single word when in the middle of text.
->setSpecialCaseChars(array('.', ',', '(', ')', '\''))
// List of tags to treat as special case tags.
->setSpecialCaseTags(array('strong', 'b', 'i', 'big', 'small', 'u', 'sub', 'sup', 'strike', 's', 'p'))
// List of tags (and their replacement strings) to be diffed in isolation.
'sub' => '[[REPLACE_SUB_SCRIPT]]',
'sup' => '[[REPLACE_SUPER_SCRIPT]]',
'table' => '[[REPLACE_TABLE]]',
'strong' => '[[REPLACE_STRONG]]',
'b' => '[[REPLACE_B]]',
'em' => '[[REPLACE_EM]]',
'i' => '[[REPLACE_I]]',
'a' => '[[REPLACE_A]]',
## Contributing
See [CONTRIBUTING][contributing] file.
## Contributor Code of Conduct
Please note that this project is released with a [Contributor Code of
Conduct][contributor_covenant]. By participating in this project
you agree to abide by its terms. See [CODE_OF_CONDUCT][code_of_conduct] file.
## Credits
* [rashid2538][] for the port to PHP and the base for our project: [rashid2538/php-htmldiff][upstream]
* [willdurand][] for an excellent post on [open sourcing libraries][].
Much of this documentation is based off of the examples in the post.
Did we miss anyone? If we did, let us know or put in a pull request!
## License
php-htmldiff is available under [GNU General Public License, version 2][gnu]. See the [LICENSE][license] file for details.
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