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// This file is necessary to run the unit tests and profiling scripts.
// Please copy it to 'test-settings.php' and make the necessary edits.
// Note: The only external library you *need* is SimpleTest; everything else
// is optional.
// We've got a lot of tests, so we recommend turning the limit off.
// Turning off output buffering will prevent mysterious errors from core dumps.
$data = @ob_get_clean();
if ($data !== false && $data !== '') {
echo "Output buffer contains data [".urlencode($data)."]\n";
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Note on running SimpleTest:
// Because HTML Purifier is PHP5-only and E_STRICT compliant, SimpleTest
// 1.0.1 will not work; you need to run SimpleTest off its trunk using:
// $ svn co simpletest
// If SimpleTest is borked with HTML Purifier, please contact me or
// the SimpleTest devs; I am a developer for SimpleTest so I should be
// able to quickly assess a fix. SimpleTest's problem is my problem!
// Where is SimpleTest located? Remember to include a trailing slash!
$simpletest_location = '/path/to/simpletest/';
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Note on running PHPT:
// Vanilla PHPT from should
// work fine on Linux w/o multitest.
// To do multitest or Windows testing, you'll need some more
// patches at
// I haven't tested the Windows setup in a while so I don't know if
// it still works.
// Should PHPT tests be enabled?
$GLOBALS['HTMLPurifierTest']['PHPT'] = false;
// If PHPT isn't in your Path via PEAR, set that here:
// set_include_path('/path/to/phpt/Core/src' . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path());
// Where is CSSTidy located? (Include trailing slash. Leave false to disable.)
$csstidy_location = false;
// For tests/multitest.php, which versions to test?
$versions_to_test = array();
// Stable PHP binary to use when invoking maintenance scripts.
$php = 'php';
// For tests/multitest.php, what is the multi-version executable? It must
// accept an extra parameter (version number) before all other arguments
$phpv = false;
// Should PEAR tests be run? If you've got a valid PEAR installation, set this
// to true (or, if it's not in the include path, to its install directory).
$GLOBALS['HTMLPurifierTest']['PEAR'] = false;
// If PEAR is enabled, what PEAR tests should be run? (Note: you will
// need to ensure these libraries are installed)
$GLOBALS['HTMLPurifierTest']['Net_IDNA2'] = true;
// vim: et sw=4 sts=4