Meson WrapDB for Google's cityhash.
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  1. CityHash v1.1.1, June 17, 2013
  2. * Fix CityHash32() so platforms that disagree about whether 'char' is signed
  3. use the same mathematical function. For most people this changes nothing
  4. as most popular platforms agree with x86 about whether 'char' is signed.
  5. * No changes to any of the functions, unless you had been using CityHash32()
  6. despite "make check" reporting a failure on your platform.
  7. * Slightly modernize and improve configuration and portability.
  8. CityHash v1.1, October 22, 2012
  9. * Add CityHash32(), intended for 32-bit platforms.
  10. * Change existing functions to improve their hash quality and/or speed. Most
  11. of the changes were minor, but CityHashCrc* was substantially reworked
  12. (and made perhaps 10% slower, unfortunately).
  13. * Improve README.
  14. CityHash v1.0.3, October 6, 2011
  15. * Change all the functions to improve their hash quality. Most of the
  16. changes were minor. Special thanks to Bob Jenkins for reporting some
  17. issues that he'd found. The speed of the functions after these changes is
  18. roughly unchanged, except that CityHash128() and CityHash128WithSeed() are
  19. slower.
  20. * To improve portability, replace the one use of ssize_t with signed long.
  21. * Improve README.
  22. CityHash v1.0.2, May 8, 2011
  23. * Correct a problem in CityHashCrc256(); for inputs under 240 bytes the
  24. scheme of padding to 240 bytes was causing the empty string and an input
  25. of exactly 240 NULs to have the same hash code. That is now fixed.
  26. Most strings less than 240 bytes long will have a different hash than
  27. they did in v1.0.1.
  28. * Other hash functions are unchanged.
  29. * Minor corrections and improvements to README.
  30. CityHash v1.0.1, April 28, 2011
  31. * Added README, NEWS, and COPYING. The README contains installation and
  32. usage instructions, information on "hash quality," and other goodies.
  33. * Improved how CityHash128() and CityHash128WithSeed() handle very short
  34. input strings.
  35. * Added new functions that are faster on long strings on 64-bit CPUs with
  36. a CRC32 instruction: CityHashCrc128(), CityHashCrc128WithSeed(), and
  37. CityHashCrc256().
  38. * Removed our assumption that "*(const uint64*)p" and such is safe. Now we
  39. memcpy() instead. It has no speed penalty and makes our intent explicit
  40. to the compiler.
  41. * Changed #include "city.h" to #include <city.h>, suggested by Robert Escriva.
  42. * Added build system, a modified version of one contributed by Robert Escriva.
  43. * We now use __builtin_expect if the configure script can make it work, rather
  44. than just on gcc.
  45. * Added a test: use "make check" to run it. If you compile CityHash in a way
  46. that causes it to return unexpected results, the test should fail.
  47. * Added untested big-endian support. Please let us know if you try it!
  48. * Other than CityHash128() and CityHash128WithSeed(), the hash functions in
  49. the previous release are unchanged.
  50. CityHash v1, April 11, 2011
  51. * Initial release